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Pay It Forward – HESEG’s Mentor Program

The “Pay It Forward” project was launched to assist HESEG’s scholars and alumni who need of advice, guidance, or support when faced academic, professional or other personal challenges.

By sharing with and learning from mentors who have both experience and expertise, the mentor project encourages personal development, allowing our scholars and alumni to achieve their goals. The project is enriching for both parties, and provides a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction.

Recruiting and selecting mentors:

  • Mentors work strictly on a voluntary basis, and are motivated by the desire to contribute to society. Mentors act as expert advisors within their field for scholars and alumni.
  • Mentor and scholar pairings are made based on geographical convenience, fields of interests, and other relevant considerations and are then confirmed once the pair have had a chance to meet and both parties agree it is a good match.
  • We recruit mentors from all parts of Israel.

Mentors must:

  • Be ready to use their knowledge to guide students, who are at the beginning of their professional journeys, and in need of direction.
  • Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Be willing to volunteer their time in order to guide, support, and provide direction for students.

Mentors backgrounds include, but are not limited to: engineering, business management, economics, law, strategy and security, politics, fashion, architecture and psychology.

The mentor selection process includes:

  • Completing a registration form.
  • Meeting with Neta Sher, the project coordinator (neta@heseg.com)
  • Pairing with a scholar and an initial meeting.

Who should seek a mentor?

The goal of the project is to provide guidance and support to scholars and alumni in needof consultation and guidance in various fields relating to their studies, careers or any other personal challenge they are currently facing.
Pairing with a mentor is meant for scholars and alumni who are hungry for personal development and are in need of support and guidance in order to take their first steps into the professional or academic world to achieve their goals. Participants must be committed to the process and ready to grow and learn.

Our Mentors

Barak Rabinovich

Barak is the CEO of the Win company, the new social game supported by Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment. Barak formerly served as the CEO of Mytopia, as well as CEO and founder of Amuso, an online gaming company that was purchased by BBC worldwide. Barak began his career in business administration, procurement and global technology at Morgan Stanley, before he joined Yahoo! in 2006. Barak has a BA from Georgetown, and an MBA from Harvard.

Ayelet Varsheviek

Ayelet is an expert in career placement and management.
She runs the Kolega career placement, management, and human resources project.
She is well versed in the job market, and has closely followed its ever-changing nature for over 25 years.
Ayelet has been a HESEG mentor since 2009.

Eldar Ben Robi

Eldar is a top partner at the law firm of Herzog, Fox, and Neeman, and the partner in charge of tax law and founding personal investment funds. During his 20 years at the firm, Eldar has been involved in advising dozens of international businesses and has hundreds of local and international clients in the areas of tax and corporate law.

Michal Koren

Michal has served as the content administrator and government liaison for the CFO forum since late 2010. Before then, she served as the marketing administrator for Yissum, the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Previously, she served as a senior adviser for P.O.C. strategic consulting, worked for the investment bank UBS in New York, and interned at the Law offices of Herzog, Fox, and Neeman. During her military service, she served in the IDF Spokesperson's unit's war room. Attorney Michal Koren is a member of the Israel Bar Association, has an advanced degree from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and BAs in law, and accounting, from Tel Aviv University.

Ronen Herskovits

Ronen is actor and founder and CEO of "Teatron B'Salon."
He was born in 1972, is an alumnus of Tel Aviv University's theatrics department, and NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.
He was the winner of the Davidoff Scholarship from Tel Aviv University for three consecutive years (1996-1998), the actors' award at the Haifa Festival in 2001, and placed first in the national monologue competition named for Michael Zonenfield in 1996 and 1998.

Moti Roham

Moti serves as the Vice Bureau Chief for the Prime Minister, the Minister for the Development of the Negev and Galilee, and the Regional Development Minister.
Moti holds a Bachelor's Degree in political science and middle eastern studies, an MA in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance, and an MA in law studies from Bar Ilan University.
He has over a decade's worth of experience working in the capital markets. Previously, he worked at Bank Hapoalim, Citibank, the Finance Ministry and the Meitav investment firm.

Mariso Lampert

Mariso, born in Brazil, has over 25 years of experience in senior management positions in various high-tech companies in Israel and the United States, as well as extensive worldwide sales management and marking experience.

Yoav Michael

Yoav is a mentor in the field of architecture. He holds an MA in architecture an urban planning, and is a partner a the Yashar Architects firm.

Moshe Bar

Moshe is a lawyer at the firm Ron Gazit, Rotenberg and Partners.
Moshe specializes in various aspects of commercial law, including corporate law, licensing and distribution, finance, mergers and acquisitions, as well as personally consulting with various leading public and private companies in Israel and around the world.
Before joining his current firm, he worked as an attorney in the corporate law and capital market divisions at the firm Horen and Partners. There, he specialized in many areas of practice including corporate law and securities.
Moshe holds a BA in law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he also served as a teacher’s assistant for a course on antitrust laws.

Guy Yekutiel

Attorney Guy Yekutiel (MBA, LL.B) is one of the owners and managing partners at the firm Friedman, Yekutiel, and Ingvir. The firm specializes in real estate, commercial law, and intellectual property. Attorney Yekutiel is eager to help in any way possible, in regards to starting new businesses, assisting with contractual commitments, and offering legal advice in any field in which his office specializes. In addition, anyone looking to start a career in the field of law can use Yekutiel as a resource.

Sozet Seker

Sozet is an experienced coach and organizational consultant, specializing in career management, administrator coaching and team training. She utilizes unique methods based on creative strategic thought. She is also an experienced group facilitator and coaching instructor. She has 20 years of experience in the field of planning, strategy and project management both public and pricate organizations. She holds an MBA in business management with a specialization in strategic international marketing.

Dana Sander-Mole

Dana is the coordinator of the Garin Tzabar Program, which serves as a support base for young Jews from around the world that choose to move to Israel and serve in the IDF as lone soldiers. Dana is also the founder and chairperson of the Tzemach Foundation, Tzemach means growth in Hebrew, and is an acronym for “Tzionut Manhigut Chinuch”, or “Zionism, Leadership, Education.” This foundation brings together university and high school students to discuss questions about Jewish and Israeli identity, as well as social service and giving back to the country.

Eyal Oren

Eyal is a partner at a commercial law firm that works primarily with high-tech, and biotech companies - assisting with start-ups, and intellectual property issues.

Lior Biton

Lior is a clinical Clinical psychologist and founding partner of the “Head Space” project which strives to promote early intervention for at-risk youth. She works at understanding and implementing the connection psychology and society, and over the past two years has been active in improving the system and making psychological treatment more accesible to the public. She is also one of the founders of the movement for public psychology.

Gadi Kimchi

Gadi has over 20 years of experience in business administration in the field of IT in Israel and Europe. He is the founder and chairperson of the Sysnet Group, one of Israel’s ten leading IT companies. Sysnet develops applications and complex organizational operating systems for companies in various fields including high-tech, security, telecommunications, government and industries.
Gadi is also the founder, director, president, and CEO of the Tesnet Group, one of the world’s testing and quality assurance companies, with subsidiaries in five countries (U.S., Germany, Switzerland, Finland, and England). Gadi is a member of the Israeli chapter of YPO, a global organization for CEOs, with over 20,000 members worldwide.

Gideon Retser

Gideon is a consultant investor, and expert in the field of customs and import procedures.